Services Provided

The Society is a non-profit, charitable organization, which serves three individuals with severe handicapping conditions in their own home in the Mill Woods community.

Following is a detailed description of the services provided by the Society and how they are achieved:

Providing and advocating for the physical and emotional needs of the individuals by:

  • maintaining a safe, unthreatening home-like environment

  • encouraging the individuals to participate to their full potential in all aspects of their lives

  • ensuring all individuals have a Lifestyle Plan which accurately outlines their strengths, needs and desires

  • ensuring all Lifestyle Plans are reviewed by the individual's support network a minimum of once yearly

  • providing twenty four hour care by competent staff who are familiar with all the needs of the individuals

  • ensuring all practices are ethically and morally sound

  • maintaining a high quality of life for the individuals as compared to other non-handicapped individuals

  • ensuring staff respect the rights of the individual and their families

  • providing nutritional and well-balanced meals

  • ensuring regular medical check ups

  • ensuring opportunities for choice are made available

  • utilizing the best strategies and technologies in order to create learning opportunities which maximize each person's independence

  • placing the individuals and their families at the center of decision-making.

Promoting meaningful community involvement:

  • utilizing, existing generic services (swimming pool, Doctor, shopping malls)

  • advocating for the development of quality community services

  • ensuring activities are age appropriate

  • making opportunities available for the individuals to meet and socialize with non-handicapped peers.

Ensuring quality and trained staff:

  • ensuring all staff receive a thorough orientation to the Society and the individuals it services

  • ensure staff share in the philosophies of the Society

  • ensure staff respect the rights and needs of the individuals and their families

  • ensure staff sign the Confidentiality Agreement in regards to all information obtained through the Society

  • ensure staff are informed (staff meetings, log book)

  • staff ensure all necessary certificates are kept up to date (First Aid/ CPR)

  • the Society encourages and provides ongoing staff development opportunities

  • all staff are familiar with and adhere to the Policies and Procedures of the Society.




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